Coronavirus Update

COVID-19 Update - December 15th 2021

The company continues to review Government guidance as and when it is updated. Throughout the year, it has responded to various changes, and our internal guidance has reflected that. Recent changes in guidance have been assessed and we have refreshed our latest guidance.

For the moment, we will continue to work from our offices wherever possible. Temperature checks which were removed earlier in the year for both visitors and staff remain so.

We ask our staff and visitors to carry out lateral flow testing. Twice weekly is recommended, as is registering results with the NHS. Visitors may be requested to confirm a recent negative test result prior to attending our sites.

We have increased our measures around wearing masks. Although staying non-mandatory, we ask that masks are work when not at a usual work area, and especially in common areas during meetings.

We will continue with our other mitigation measures, encouraging everyone to use the available hand gel and disinfectants, as well as increased frequency for hand washing. Hand sanitiser stations are in place across our site. We continue to keep areas well ventilated wherever practical.

The health, safety and wellbeing of everyone associated with Qualter Hall, as well as the general public, is always our priority.

The coronavirus pandemic is fluid and continuously evolving. We review our current procedures and mitigation measures regularly and frequently.

We thank everyone for their continued patience and cooperation with this ever-changing and challenging situation.