Hoists, Winches, Haulages & Transportation Systems

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With the successful integration of MB Wild, Robey and Needham Bros. & Brown into the already successful Qualter Hall Mining Division, we have the technical excellence to provide bespoke hoisting, winching and haulage systems for a multiplicity of applications.


  • Ro-Ro linkspans
  • Moving bridges
  • Slipway haulages
  • Man riding access platforms
  • Water control gate operation
  • Passenger access systems
  • Funicular railways
  • Offshore drilling rig/hauser control
  • Blast furnace feed systems
  • Other bespoke requirements

For specific mining applications please refer to the Mining, Hoisting & Transportation section of this website.

With our extensive winch control expertise, we can electronically synchronise multiple winch units to provide massive lifting capacity where necessary.

In addition, with the incorporation of GMT into Qualter Hall we can also offer complete integrated rope hauled transportation systems based on proven technology employed successfully in many mining and commercial applications.