Mine Transportation

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We design and manufacture an extensive product range of transportation systems for men and materials, with vehicles suitable for underground, surface and tunnel applications.

With proven rope hauled transportation technology we offer safe, reliable and robust vehicles, with equipment specifications designed to meet the most arduous mining environment.

The Qualter Hall systems have in excess of 100 rope hauled transportation installations operating worldwide to support manriding trains, materials vehicles, chock transporters, brake anchor cars and clip tugs. The systems carry thousands of men and associated materials every day, offering the following principle features:

  • Ropes can be fully captivated in hazardous areas
  • 5 metre minimum radius curves and undulating track can be safely negotiated
  • Fail to safe track braking system
  • Integrates with existing rolling stock
  • Improved rope life utilising inclined bollards and rope trapping assemblies
  • Patented Qualter Hall GMT Railhugger bogies for smooth, quiet ride