Qualter Hall was very pleased to welcome Julian Hall, the son of the company’s last serving Hall family member. 

Julian’s father, John Hall, was a Company Director from 1947 until 1976, and worked for the company for a total of 56 years, as well as being the last Hall family member to act as Chairman to the Board!

Julian recently enjoyed a tour of the facility in Barnsley, where his father used to work, and spoke to some of the current team, including Company Secretary George Wild, and Managing Director Gifford Brown.

It was another of Julian’s predecessors, Edward Hall, who co-founded the company back in 1860, with George Bower and John Qualter.  The company remained under the Hall family’s control until the late 1960s and subsequent owners have continued to build on their successes.  The current management team are now taking the company forward into the future.