Qualter Hall has been a key partner in the EA’s £67m flood defence scheme which will protect the town of Ipswich from flooding of the River Orwell and the future impact of climate change. The project includes the design, construction and installation of a rising sector gate, tidal flood barrier, weighing 200 tonnes and will complete the flood defences, which the EA has been upgrading in recent years.

Qualter Hall’s scope of work included the design, manufacture, delivery, installation, testing and commissioning of all Mechanical and Electrical (M&E/ MEICA) equipment required to operate the 20 metre rotating barrier, which can be raised or lowered in minutes. The floodgate design is similar to that of the Thames Barrier (which is maintained by Qualter Hall) and rotates upwards out of the river course into the closed position, holding back dangerous tidal surges, that could flood the town.

Qualter Hall has specialist engineering expertise in Hydraulics, Electrical and Control Systems for new build Flood Defence projects and other applications, including full manufacturing capability in the UK. In addition to we provide maintenance, refurbishment and upgrades on a full range of water control gates for Waterways, Hydro-Electric Plant, Port and Marine Applications and much more.