Mar 2012

Qualter Hall Despatch Equipment Destined for Baturusa Bridge, Idonesia

Qualter Hall has despatched equipment destined for Baturusa Bridge, Indonesia

The site for this new 99.5 metre long Bascule Bridge is in the island Province of Bangka Belitung and it will form part of a four lane bridge with a total length of 784.5 metres. When raised, the Bascule Bridge will allow large ships to pass through. The bridge will be a major landmark in the area and it is hoped that it will help the development of tourism as well as commercial development within the region.

A senior delegation of political figures and engineers from Indonesia, visited Qualter Hall in order to carry out a final inspection of the finished equipment. Says George Orton, Qualter Hall's Managing Director: 'The visit, which included the presentation of a commemorative plaque to mark the occasion, proved overwhelmingly successful. The delegates were delighted with the high quality of engineering achieved by Qualter Hall. In addition, we were given the chance to treat them to some good old Yorkshire hospitality!'

Qualter Hall were awarded the contract for the 99.5 metre long by 23.2 metre wide, two leaf Bascule Bridge, in partnership with Waagner Biro Indonesia. Qualter Hall's contract covers the design, manufacture, supply, supervision of installation and commissioning of all the hydraulic equipment necessary for operation of the bridge, including the cylinders, power packs, pipework and ancillary items, along with all electrical control equipment necessary for the operation of the bridge, with Waagner Biro Indonesia providing the bridge superstructure.
Qualter Hall's engineers are scheduled to visit Indonesia, in order to supervise the installation and final commissioning, which is expected to take around three months to complete.