Mar 2012

Qualter Hall Secures Major Contract for Work on the Thames Barrier

In accordance with the Environment Agency National Contractors Framework version 2 and in association with Volker Stevin, Qualter Hall has been awarded a major contract for work on the Thames Barrier.

The project consists of two elements:

1. An oil hydraulics package for a Gate Arm Synchronisation (GAS) pilot trial on piers Three and Four at gate Golf.

2. A drive equipment package for a shift and latch mechanism on gates Charlie and Delta on pier Seven.

The GAS pilot trial requires the introduction of new hydraulic power units and a load balancing control system which is compatible with the existing retained systems. The performance of the new system is to be tested over the full operating range and modes of the barrier. The system will be trialed for six months under normal gate operations to prove the new hydraulics package and control system. Operator training will take place during this period.

The current Shift and Latch (S & L) mechanisms were installed some 30 years ago and will require a full strip-down, inspection and refurbishment where required.