Modular Bridges

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Qualter Hall offers a full range of modular bridging.

Based on the tried and tested basic concept of the lattice work structure, the modular concept of these bridges offers all the benefits of modern bridge building, and at the same time, it ensures a high degree of flexibility with respect to bridge width, span and load carrying capacity.

As a result, the specific requirements of very different countries can be met economically, rapidly and without difficulty, to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Advantages of our modular bridges include:

  • Inexpensive and cost effective solution
  • Average life span of more than 100 years
  • Permanent or temporary installations
  • Easily transportable to remote locations, with easily handled components for on-site assembly
  • Minimal civil foundations
  • Single or double lane bridges
  • Standard span range 25 - 60 metres
  • Special single spans available up to 120 metres
  • Continuous bridge designs available for longer spans
  • Designed to industry standard AASHTO design codes, other codes utilised where preferred by client
  • Galvanised or painted to suit site conditions
  • Bridge deck surface in concrete, steel or timber to suit clients' requirements
  • Easily installed by local labour with minimal equipment

On-site Assembly

Our modular bridges are usually installed by local companies from the country in question, with guidance from one of our supervisors.

We supply clear, unambiguous instruction manuals for each particular type of bridge structure. All the components necessary for construction are listed in the manual, and assembly on-site requires no more than bolting the parts together. The weights of the individual elements comply with the maximum weights specified by the customer, so that the simplest of hoists, or even manpower alone can be used.

In addition, the recommended assembly sequence is graphically illustrated. The manual also contains special tips, for example, about the precise height requirements for installing bearings in continuous girders.