2700t x 18m Shipyard Roll-Press

Hugh Smith, a division of Qualter Hall & Co. Ltd. supplied another Shipyard Roll-Press machine capable of exerting 2700 Tonnes of force over a plate length of 18 Metres for a major shipyard in China. Adding to many supplied to shipyards worldwide.

The machine and integrated plate handling system was specifically designed and manufactured both in our Barnsley facility and, with the relatively large and heavy top and bottom beam fabrications, in the country of final installation for commercial and transport considerations.

This machine is part of a wide range of standard and bespoke ships plate rolling and forming machines specifically designed for rolling ships and submarine hull plates, bilge turns, shear strakes and derrick posts, also flanging bulkhead corrugations and knuckle plates. Sizes range from 600 to 3000 Tonnes capacity or more with plate lengths up to 23 Metres.

The machine features automatic compensation of top and bottom beam deflection under all loading conditions to ensure accuracy of bends, infinitely adjustable bottom roll centres with offset adjustment to minimise end flattening. Also, top beam angling capability to facilitate conical rolling.

The machine can be quickly converted for flanging or swedging bulkhead forms by the addition of adjustable forming tools. The specially developed CNC control system ensures accurate position of all machine functions for simplicity of operation.


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