Project: Humber Sea Terminal

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As a specialist subcontractor to Edmund Nuttall, Qualter Hall carried out two separate contracts to design, supply, install and commission the ramps on berths 1 and 3, each complete with associated control systems.

These contracts included:

  • Berth 1 - 29m brow width x 11m long x 110 tonnes adjustable ramp of trapezoidal deck construction with a heavy duty anti-skid surface coating.
  • Berth 3 - 29m brow width x 7m long x 90 tonnes adjustable ramp and 29m x 8.5m x 100 tonnes fixed ramp of trapeizoidal deck construction with a heavy duty anti-skid surface coating. Both ramps are supported on a structural steel sub-structure of 90 tonnes.
  • Sealed for life pivot bearings along the rear edge and 3 vertically mounted synchronised hydraulic cylinders at the front edge, provide a raising and lowering function, over a range of 2m on Berth 1, and 1.35m on Berth 3.
  • Each cylinder is fitted with a positional sensing linear transducer to maintain synchronised operation of all 3 cylinders to within 15mm of each other.
  • Ramps can be accurately controlled from either the main control room or from local stations.
  • Hydraulic power pack system including pipework, with a duty/standby facility.

Client: Edmumd Nuttall Ltd