Canary Wharf Contractors

Qualter Hall were awarded this contract by Canary Wharf Contractors for this single leaf Bascule Bridge installed within the Canary Wharf district of London and which provides access for vehicular/pedestrian traffic from Montgomery Street to Wood Street..

The bridge is 30m span, 15m wide, weighs approximately 200Te and lifts to allow the passage of marine craft. The bridge was fabricated from S355 grade steel and after welding, was machined to allow fitting of the mechanical equipment including the pivot shafts, nose bearings and nose locks. Once complete the complete structure was painted with a C5M system suitable for a marine environment and all of the mechanical equipment fitted, before delivery to site.

The structure was delivered to site by barge, supported on SPMT’s, so that the complete bridge could be jacked up and rotated through 90°. Once in the correct orientation the structure was then lowered on the jacks until supported on the nose end bearings and rear pivot bearings, at this stage the barge was then free to leave the site. Both edges of the bridge were fitted with bespoke stainless steel handrails and Armco crash barriers either side of the roadway.

Qualter Hall were responsible for the MEICA design including the mechanical, electrical and hydraulic equipment. The bridge is operated by 2 x hydraulic cylinders mounted within a concrete pit below the bridge which extend, to elevate the deck to 64°. The mechanical equipment supply included the pivot shafts / bearings, 2 x nose locking bolts, nose end bridge support bearings and nose end shock absorbers. The hydraulic supply included the HPU located below the bridge, operating cylinders, manifolds and pipework. The electrical supply included the control panels including PLC kit, operators panel, switches, encoders, traffic lights wigwags, barriers, navigation lights and cabling. The electric panels and HPU are located within a dedicated plantroom located below the bridge. The vehicular traffic lights and barriers mounted either side of the bridge are fitted within architectural stainless steel totems which also house the operators panel. 

The project began October 2017 and was completed in November 2018 and project references can be provided on request.


Montgomery Bridge


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