Qualter Hall is very proud to be involved with this project, a milestone for nuclear energy production in the UK

The following article is a post from UK Atomic Energy Authority …

Shield Wall Project marks start of CHIMERA Installation!

A 100-tonne shield wall, seven inches thick, has been installed at UKAEA’s Rotherham site and will surround the Tesla Magnet of the CHIMERA machine when it opens in 2023.

CHIMERA (or Combined Heating and Magnetic Research Apparatus) will be the only machine in the world to test components under the combination of conditions encountered in large fusion devices. These tests will help inform future fusion experiments including ITER Organization and STEP.

Extensive shielding from the magnetic fields is provided by the wall – installed in December by company Qualter Hall. It took the team two days to drill the holes to mount the frame to the floor, and a further four days to erect the yellow frame. Over the following week, steel panels were then fitted to the frames. Enclosed will be the Tesla Magnet.

Russell Gibson, UKAEA Operations Manager at the Yorkshire site said: 

“This was a wonderful milestone to end the year on at FTF, with Qualter, Hall & Co Limited, Jacobs and UKAEA working together to install our first major components without incident. This really signals the start of our world-first CHIMERA installation, a major stepping stone to proving the next generations of components that are fit for fusion reactors.”