Qualter Hall is one of the key partners working with specialist test engineers Moog, and commissioned by the Technical University of Denmark, to help build a bespoke facility to test large-scale wind turbine blades to reliably, accurately and efficiently replicate field conditions.

With proven technical expertise in bespoke hoisting, winching and haulage systems, Qualter Hall’s role included the supply of 6 x Winch Units fitted with Encoders and a combination of 8 x Mass Resonance Exciter (MRE) frames for dynamic testing, along with on-site commissioning of the equipment.

This pioneering test equipment allows blades to be dynamically loaded with the six winches, mimicking an extreme wind load condition. This unique test facility enables the research establishment to undertake a multitude of tests on large wind turbine blades with precision and repeatability and marks a huge step forward in the development and testing of wind turbine blades and future blade technology.