Qualter Hall’s Specialist Machinery Division: Hugh Smith Engineering has now successfully completed the final stage delivery to site of one of their largest steel plate forming machines. The equipment was shipped though New York, to its destination in the USA to support their ongoing Naval Programmes.

Weighing over 300 tonnes, the Press cold forms steel plate up to 220mm thick x 3660mm (12ft) and is widely accepted as the most accurate and cost effective way of forming the thickest plates down to small diameters. The machines are used for a wide range of forming applications including pressure vessels, boilers, offshore piles and jacket structures, nuclear plant, gear rims and other circular / curved profiles. This unique design has a number of key benefits:

  • Precision of the formed profile
  • Very short edge distances reducing material wastage
  • Speed of bending with one pass forming possible
  • Cone forming
  • Plate straightening
  • Plate Flanging (with nose-bar attached)
  • Re-rounding
  • Hot bending capability

Manufactured, assembled and acceptance tested at Qualter Hall’s Barnsley (UK) facility, the machine uses many of the core skills, including hydraulic system design and electrical and control system design and integration using our in-house teams.